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Ask The Experts:  Communication Breakdown

Dear Keith and Maura,

I need your advice…

I, and the woman that I love, met four years ago and we started a long distance relationship. We both had another person in our lives and were unhappy. We looked to each other to make us happy. Four months into the relationship she left her man. I did not leave my woman. We continued the relationship and we opened our hearts and not our mouths. She went back and slept with her ex and it hurt me very much...

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Inspirational Music Videos:  by Keith Leon


This song is called, You’re Perfect. It’s about that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, that says life’s no fun and keeps you away from being happy for no reason. It was written for a large group of teens at a teen camp that Maura and I were working with.

This video is about my transformation. After having the biggest business failure of my life, I went to prayer with the questions...what's next?...what shall I do now?

This is an affirmation/visualization/manifestation tool to help you attract your perfect partner! I wrote the song to go along with my friend Arielle Ford's new book, The Soulmate Secret.

Love and Blessings,

Keith Leon

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