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Uncover hidden blocks that may be holding you back from your success.

Utilize proven techniques for getting immediate results.

Discover unique strategies that change the way people perceive you and make them feel good about giving you exactly what you want.

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From Keith and Maura Leon

Los Angeles, California

Dear Friend,

Have you ever dreamed of a life you wanted to live, but didn't think you could create?

Are you ready to take your career, relationships, or lifestyle to a whole new level, but not sure how to get there?

Do you have great ideas, and the best of intentions, but never seem to have the time to follow through and complete the things that are most important to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this program may be just what you've been looking for.

"I’ve known Keith for some time now, and it’s clear to me that his purpose is to deeply and positively touch the lives of anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. My first connection to Keith was through his music when he was performing at an event at which I was speaking. His songs inspired and uplifted me and led me to seek out a friendship with him. Over time I have come to learn that in addition to his music, Keith also lives his purpose through his dynamic speaking, training, coaching and writing and, probably most importantly, by being a living demonstration of the keys to relationship success that he teaches with his wife Maura."

Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul®
and author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to BeTM


Why You Should Consider Investing In Yourself With Our Mentoring Program

Our journey has taken us from relationship failures to the relationship of our dreams; from working low-paying, energy-sapping jobs we hated to running our own successful business doing what we love; from living in a dirty, depressing, gang-infested neighborhood to living in one of the most beautiful places on earth; from a couple of unknown wanna-be's with no money, no experience and no connections, to a pair of well-respected authors and entrepreneurs with some of the most powerful personal and professional relationships in our industry; from a life of struggle, confusion and doubt to a life of fulfillment, joy and ease.

We've personally invested a ridiculous amount of time, money and effort on self-improvement education and training. We've studied all the books and attended all the classes, workshops and seminars.

Today, we not only have the life of our dreams, we also have thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

One of our clients recently received a six figure job offer from a top rated firm - and he wasn't even looking for a job!

Another client turned colleague of ours recently created a strategic relationship with one of the top names in her field, secured an endorsement for her new book and created a very successful online marketing campaign using the relationship-building techniques we taught her. These are the same techniques we'll share with you in our new program.


We've Learned Some Very Important Lessons About Creating Success


For example... 


Relationships are everything - If you think you can get anywhere in life without top-notch relationship skills, think again. Everything in life revolves around relationships -- from who you know, to how you communicate, to how you are perceived, to whether or not you are supported -- even how you think and feel about yourself.

Most people don't know how to relate - Relationship skills are not taught to us in school, so how do we learn them? Mostly from observing those around us. Since they weren't taught what works either, you may have ended up with all the wrong information. Is it any wonder you're not getting what you want?

Relationship skills are teachable - Don't believe people who say that either you have what it takes or you don't. That's a bunch of crap. We're here to tell you that if we could learn this stuff and turn our lives around, then so can you.

These are just a few of the lessons we've learned along the way, and we've now incorporated this knowledge into a powerful accelerated mentoring program.






Your Dream Life Guaranteed!


We're tired of watching people struggle and fail, just like we did, but that's what happens with typical coaching programs when they are not based in solid, time-tested strategies, or there is not enough time, structure or personalized attention to create new habits and make them stick.

We utilize effective systems, and we do not use a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. We will meet you where you are, and then use our exclusive targeting process to find the mentoring style that works best for you. The result is that you will feel safe and comfortable right from the start. Even if you come in with resistance, before you even realize what has happened, you will find yourself fully immersed in the mentoring process and you will see that it is working!

Here's what some of our current clients have to say:

Typical Comments from Satisfied Clients...

"When I heard Keith was available, I jumped at the chance to work with him!"

Since working with Keith my vision has expanded from just publishing a book to potentially helping thousands upon thousands of people with his best-selling book program. With Keith’s guidance and support, I am absolutely certain that I will reach the level of success that I have always wanted.

Aside from his expertise in helping my aspiring business, I appreciate Keith’s sense of humor and his sincere intentions for my success. In moments where I doubt myself, he is always there to buoy my confidence and remind me of all that I have accomplished. What I appreciate most about Keith is his big heart. It was apparent from our very first meeting that Keith loves giving to others and making a difference in this world. I truly feel blessed!

Thank you, Keith!

Dr. Karen Kan-Guenette
Owner, Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture, P.C.
Author and Law of Attraction Coach, 
"I rate the quality as a 10!"

I am exceedingly pleased to be working with Maura. Our conversations are just that, conversations. She guides me, supports me and hears me in a manner which causes me to become stronger.

Thank you, Maura, for being here for me and all that I'm taking on.

With great expectations for the future,

Carol Oxenrider
Founder, Serendipity West Foundation 

" We're doing our first teleconference and we're really looking forward to it."

Keith has been very instrumental in helping me set up my life's vision, as well as helping with a website business and teleconferences.

Stuart Grossman
President, College Funding Systems and Grossman & Associates Financial Services, Inc.
Author, How to Give Your Child a 4-Year College Education Without Going Broke 

"My career path is fulfilling and I am celebrating so many successes right now!"

When I started working with Keith, I wasn't really sure what I wanted from my life and I didn't feel satisfied with my career or the opportunities that were available to me. After a year of working with Keith, I have a great deal of clarity about what I want from my life and my career and I have so many exciting opportunities opening up to me constantly! Thanks to Keith for his supportive guidance and his good ideas!

Karena Lindell
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
Birth Doula 

"I appreciate having both Keith and Maura in my life."

Keith is unique in that he comes to me from where I am, rather than where he is. I've had a lot of coaches in the past who have been really concerned about sharing their opinion about something. Where Keith comes from is what's going on with me, and supporting me in whatever I'm doing.

Maura gets to the heart of things - especially in the area of relationships - she gets to the heart of it so quickly. The first time I worked with Maura, she opened up something for me within less than a minute, and that's such powerful work.

Stephen Stokes
Professional Event Planner 


"My exploration process is becoming quite deep."

Maura's input helped me get more connected with how I want to express what I do.

Diana L. 


"I’ve stopped beating myself up and I am feeling happy again."


I want to thank you for the session we had this week. You are such a good listener, and you defined what I was unable to.

Thank you so much for the insight!!! I am really happy about that!


Karin S.


"I don’t long for a good relationship with Mom anymore because now I have it!"

Before working with Keith and Maura, my relationship with my mother was strained at best. Keith and Maura helped me see what was keeping me from having the loving relationship with her that I wanted and what I could do about it. After just one session, my relationship with Mom has been transformed. Now the love flows freely between us and we get along great.

Benjamin B.


"Speaking with you really inspired me to move forward with what I am doing."

I really appreciate all the information that you shared with me. Seeing what the two of you have done shows me that as long as I keep working, it really can happen. I just need to believe and do it.

Thanks again.

Diane N.


"You might want to add Miracle Workers to your repertoire because I've come along further in this last week then I have in five years!"

As I pat myself on the back for my accomplishments this week, do pat yourselves on the backs for pulling my door stopper loose and getting me through the door.

Angel D.


How the Program Works



The Rapid Results accelerated mentoring program is structured to support you in every possible way.  We begin as soon as you submit your application form, by assessing your past and current situations, and clarifying what is most important to you.

Once your application is approved and your tuition is accepted, you will begin the program with a super-charged 45 days of weekly one hour sessions.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from both of us, so we can build a rapport and find the mentoring style that works best for you.

After the first 45 days, the results you have created will give you the confidence needed to more independently implement the strategies we teach you into your daily life, and you will continue your mentoring with a standard maintenance schedule of two 30-minute sessions per month.


Our regular coaching tuition is $500 per month for two 30-minute sessions, or $5,000 pre-paid for twelve months of coaching.

With the Rapid Results program, you make a commitment to twelve months of mentoring, and we reward your commitment with a super-charged six weeks of one-hour sessions and then two 30-minute sessions per week for the remainder of the year, all for just $4997. That’s a savings of over $3,000! And when you follow our program, you will see results in just six sessions, or we’ll refund your tuition in full.

And to support you even further (didn't we say "in every possible way") we're going to give you -- yes, that's right, GIVE YOU -- our entire line of books, ebooks, Action Guides, CD's and DVD's, plus VIP access to select teleseminar recordings and live events.

Why are we doing this?  Because we want you to succeed!  Beyond your wildest dreams!!  We want you to be blown away by the phenomenal results you can create when you are given the support you really need and desire.

We are so confident that you will achieve these results, that we are giving you all these resources to keep...even if you decide after six weeks that the program is not for you.

If you prefer to pay your tuition over time, we'll give you the option of four monthly payments of $1,497, which is still a significant savings over the regular coaching tuition, and you will still receive all of these resources as our gift to you.


Gift #1


The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships  Book

A Practical Guide For Everyone by Keith and Maura Leon

Value: $19.95


Gift #2

The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships  Downloadable Book

Instant download!

Value: $15.97

Gift #3


Relationship Success Secrets Audio CD


Listen in on this candid interview with David Portney for his “Backyard Guru Series,” as relationship experts Keith and Maura Leon reveal their secrets for creating passionate and satisfying relationships that work!

Value: $19.95


Gift #4


Committed to Love  Music CD

15 songs to touch your heart and lift your spirit!

Value: $19.95


Gift #5


Who Do You Think You Are?  Book

Discover The Purpose Of Your Life by Keith Leon

 Value: $24.95



Gift #6




Self Discovery Program



WDYTYA Downloadable Book (Instant Download)

WDYTYA Action Guide (Instant Download)

4 x WDYTYA Teleseminars
(Instant Access to Recorded Calls with author Keith Leon and special guests from the book)

4 CD set of WDYTYA Teleseminar recordings


2 CD set of Building Better Relationships Seminar
(with Keith and Maura Leon)


Total Value: $415



Gift #7

BUILDING BETTER RELATIONSHIPS DVD Set……………………..........Value $97

In this powerful and inspirational DVD seminar, Keith and Maura show you how you can experience fulfillment and confidence in your life now!  This all day seminar was recorded so that you can work with the skills and powerful processes over and over again.  Keith and Maura have developed a how-to system for learning to live with more passion, purpose and peace.  Find out how you may be sabotaging your relationships without even realizing it, and discover how to tap into your own source of wisdom, creativity and self-esteem.


A perfect companion to the DVD set is this workbook.  Repetition is the only way to get information to stay with you.  You can experience the powerful processes and worksheets of the seminar again and again.  Invite your friends and family over and play the DVD for them.  It’s like having Keith and Maura Leon right in your home delivering a personal seminar for your friends and family.


Total Value of Gifts: $631






I want to apply for the Rapid Results accelerated mentoring program.

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