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Keith Leon is taking the world by storm. Proving that people are ready for a whole new level of joy and fulfillment, his new book, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life, has been a success from its first inception. Bringing together a diverse group of thoroughly thought-provoking, profoundly purpose-filled people -- including 10 featured teachers from the international film and book phenomenon, The Secret -- Keith has demonstrated a deep commitment to providing powerful transformational experiences to all who are ready to receive them.

During production of the book, Keith was so inspired by the stories these people were telling that he decided to go one step further and offer a series of live discussions with some of the book's featured participants. Once again, those he asked were happy to oblige, and so the WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? teleseminar series was born. Fortunately, these popular events were recorded, so today you have the valuable opportunity to own the entire series in a convenient CD set.

In these four powerful, yet intimate sessions you will be inspired and empowered to access your deepest dreams and desires and achieve your fullest potential. The fast-paced presentations include proven techniques and real-life stories that will educate and uplift you. You'll receive practical advice that you can use instantly and immediately to improve your life.

And, before you receive the CD set in the mail, you'll be able to listen to these teleseminars at your convenience. Keith is providing you with instant audio downloads to enable you to receive maximum benefit from your program.

Module 1: Top Techniques For Discovering Your Life's Purpose
Learn 13 powerful techniques for uncovering your true passions. Unleash your power to take that first step toward what you truly want.

Module 2: How To Avoid Distractions And Stay Focused
Discover specific systems for maintaining focus. Learn to sharpen your mind, nurture your body and nourish your spirit.

Module 3: Silencing The Dream-Killing Voice In Your Head
Learn to recognize the "Little Liar" and take charge of your thoughts. Overcome doubt and allow your own inner wisdom to immerge.

Module 4: Mastering The Number One Key To Self-Confidence
Learn to cultivate confidence as your natural state of being. Utilize proven methods to springboard your results. Tap into the essence of your true greatness.

Keith is joined in the teleseminar series by special guests from the book, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life. These featured guests -- who range from visionaries and healers, to television personalities and recording artists, to entrepreneurs, speakers and seminar leaders -- have the passion, experience and skills that it takes to transform lives, and have worked with Keith to ensure that you fully capture The Secrets To Living Your Life On Purpose!

In addition to the book and teleseminar series, you'll also receive an instant download of the WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? book, as well as a downloadable Action Guide which Keith has created to enable you to go from results! It's like having your own personal coach asking you all the right questions, and holding you accountable for following through with your plan.

But Keith is not stopping there! He wants you to go for your dreams, and to have healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships at the same time, so he's going to give you a special bonus CD set of a Building Better Relationships seminar that he and his wife, Maura, delivered recently in Los Angeles. This fully interactive workshop will give you the tools you need to improve both your personal and professional relationships.

Be part of this opportunity to live a purpose-filled life. Order today! Remember, before your book and CD's arrive in the mail you will be able to listen to online recordings of the teleseminar sessions and utilize the Downloadable Book and Action Guide right away.

You will receive your WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? book and CD's in four to six weeks, along with your Building Better Relationships bonus CD set. It's an easy, fun, and effective way to get more from your life. Try it out! If you're not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. Thank you! Now...start your Self-Discovery journey...



Self Discovery Program



WDYTYA Downloadable Book (Instant Download)

WDYTYA Softcover Book

WDYTYA Action Guide (Instant Download)

4 x WDYTYA Teleseminars
(Instant Access to Recorded Calls with author Keith Leon and special guests from the book)

4 CD set of WDYTYA Teleseminar recordings


2 CD set of Building Better Relationships Seminar
(with Keith and Maura Leon)


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