Would you like to increase your romance,

 communication and ability to get along with

your significant other, but don’t want to see

a therapist or couples counselor to do it?


Why spend two days at a seminar furiously taking notes

while getting overwhelmed by speaker after speaker?


Why not just put the experts right in front of you

at your beck and call for a whole weekend?  Now You Can!




Keith and Maura Leon will provide a safe and relaxing environment

for the two of you to re-ignite the flame in your relationship! 


They call it…


“Private Weekend With Keith and Maura”


There are many reasons why people have

communication challenges in their relationships.

Here are five of the biggest ones:



Beliefs and social conditioning that do not serve us

The desire to hold on to being "Right"

Not listening to understand the other person

Running away


This does not have to be you!

There are choices you can make that will bring you and your relationship

back to that “honeymoon stage.”

Doesn’t this sound like something you would be interested in?



At Your Very Own:

“Private Weekend With Keith and Maura”



You will learn:

  • To identify where you are in your relationship and where you want to go

  • How to use techniques for communicating effectively

  • Conflict prevention and alternatives for expressing anger

  • Keys to understanding each other's point of view

  • How to identifying patterns in your relationship

  • Commitment: What it means to you and your partner

  • Support: What it looks like for both of you

  • The power of forgiveness

  • How to set personal and relationship goals

  • How to express your love and other emotions effectively


You will:

  • Be picked up from the airport in a limousine

  • Spend a relaxing weekend at a beautiful bed and breakfast or perhaps you’d rather spend your weekend at a spa! (The choice is yours)

  • Enjoy the beautiful California coast or spend time in the mountains

  • Participate in special events hosted by Keith and Maura Leon

  • Have Keith and Maura with you for the weekend for any questions you may have along the way



Spend a “Private Weekend With Keith and Maura.”


Do you remember the magic you had at the beginning of your relationship, when just seeing your partner got the adrenaline running? Maybe that is still the case. Perhaps you met only weeks ago, or maybe years ago -- and the electricity is still there. Is it possible that the "juice" can feel even more intense?

Maybe your "couple-dom" is so established that life on a day-to-day basis has become routine? Does communication within the relationship seem to cause distance? Have you felt like commitment has become a burden rather than an opportunity to have a deeper relationship? Would you like to learn to be able to quickly clear things that get in the way, so you don't miss any delicious moments with your sweetie?

Spend a “Private Weekend With Keith and Maura.”

A Private Weekend is the best way for you to receive direct experience and advice on how to move into absolutely cherishing each other. Couples whose relationships are faltering or stalled (or just need a boost) will come away more deeply in love than they have ever been.

Spend a Private Weekend With Keith and Maura.”

While the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops examine issues in a general manner, this Weekend is focused specifically on your issues, fears, wants and needs. Private Weekend creates a safe environment to explore your relationship and take a fresh look at it.

You and your partner can expand the closeness and intimacy between you; find out what you want and need, and how to support each other in getting it; experience just how much you mean to each other; look at your history together and how it influences your relationship now; and develop new tools and ways of communicating that lead to a deeper, more satisfying relationship.

Planning for a future together? Private Weekend could well be the best investment for you, your partner, and your relationship.


“ Keith and Maura live their purpose through their dynamic speaking, training, coaching and writing and, probably most importantly, by being a living demonstration of the keys to relationship success that they teach.”

-- Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to BeTM


Where is the “Private Weekend” held?

Private Weekend is held in resort in various locations in California. Accommodations, limousine transportation, activities and meals are all included in the tuition.


“We look forward to spending quality time together with you both. It is our intention that at the end of this weekend, you will be filled with the Passion, Compassion and Love that you deserve!” - Keith and Maura



Give yourself this gift. 

You and your relationship deserve it.


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