An inspiring story of an average man’s journey into the greater understanding of Universal Law and abundance...

If I Can You Can is a novel and an educational text book wrapped into one. Weaved into the tale are a number of stories written by some of the greatest teachers of Universal Law and Personal Development on the planet, adding their expertise to an exceptionally easy to comprehend and implement tool for everyone to use. A must read for anyone looking at creating a better life for themselves.

With contributions by some of the greatest minds in

- Wealth Creation
- Personal Development
- Happiness and Transformation


– Bob Proctor
– Dr. Joe Vitale
– Marci Shimoff
– Keith Leon
– Todd Bockman
- Adam Galna
– Peter Wink


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"If you want to live the most fulfilling, happy goal oriented life imaginable there are a number of steps you have to take along the way. Reading this book, If I Can You Can, is certainly a great place to start.”

-Marie Diamond - President and CEO of Double Happiness Productions, Teacher/Speaker and Author Featured in The Secret

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“I love how Warren expertly weaves his inspiring story in, out and between quotes, stories and advice from the greatest teachers of our lifetime. Everyone should read this book.” 

-Dr Joe Vitale – bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and too many other books to mention here, and featured teacher in “The Secret”, and the upcoming “The Compass”

“If I Can You Can is an inspiring book about the Law of Attraction that combines great wisdom, clear steps for
application, with stories from some of the world’s most recognized transformational teachers. Put these
principles into action and enjoy the results!"

- Marci Shimoff - NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, and featured teacher in “The Secret”


“Take one very inspirational story, add the wisdom and stories from some of the greatest minds in personal development and wealth creation, and you’ve just described this book”  

-Loral Langemeier – NY Times bestselling author and C.E.O. and founder of Live Out Loud, and featured teacher in “The Secret”

“Every teenager in the world should read this book. Imagine how the world changes once our youth knows about the Law of Attraction, how it works and how to apply it in their lives. They don’t teach this subject in college, yet! Perhaps your teen will be part of the change.”

-Bob Proctor – Visionary, bestselling author and featured teacher in “The Secret”


“Warren Henningsen’s, If I Can You Can contains a wealth of wisdom to support anyone to harness the Universal laws to make their lives work more optimally. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Joe Rubino

"You can tell a lot about a person by the people they associate with. Warren definitely is in the right group, with his gift for explaining in plain language how to activate the Law of Attraction, and create the life of your dreams, he takes the reader on an incredible journey of self-discovery and change."

Todd Bockman
Entrepreneur, Human Performance Coach, Real Estate Investor

“Simple, Brilliant, Easy to Understand.”

Justin Sachs
Teen Success Expert, Founder of Peak Performance Lifestyles Foundation

"Filled with stories, anecdotes, insights and practical exercises, Warren has created a guide to step into consciously using the Law of Attraction."

Eva Gregory and Jeanna Gabellini
Abundance Abounds
Leading Edge Coaching & Training
MasterPeace Coaching & Training

"If the books you've read have left you saying 'Huh?' more than 'Ah, ha!', this one is for you. It's clear, concise, and brings the Law of Attraction out of the realm of metaphysical precept to become a practical, working tool in your life."

Victoria Moran
author of Living a Charmed Life

"This book creatively explores Law of Attraction in a simple, personable and engaging way. Weath and happiness are not mutually exclusive. Warren has both, and so can you."

Bill Baren

“Along with some of the best minds on the power of the mind, Warren clearly explains how to activate the Law of Attraction in your life and create the life of your dreams.”

Dr. Barnet Meltzer
Preventive Medicine & Nutrition Expert
Author, The Best Kept Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

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