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Inner Light Coaching was developed by intuitive life coach Maura Leon with a mission to provide easily accessible and profoundly transformational programs for personal growth seekers worldwide.

Over ten years ago, Maura Leon succeeded in manifesting the relationship of her dreams using a specific process to attract exactly what she wanted.  She then discovered that her soul mate, Keith, had used the exact same process to attract her.  Realizing they had a common mission, Keith and Maura wrote and published their first book, The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships, and began teaching others how to communicate better, love themselves more completely, and make their dream lives a reality.

After building a successful individual coaching practice, Maura found herself attracting a team of promising new intuitive coaches, and was so blown away by their unique abilities, she knew she had to utilize their talents in her transformational programs.  Inner Light Coaching was developed as the platform for this amazing group.  Using a simple process comprised of self-paced audio learning sessions and personalized telephone support sessions, clients receive maximum benefit over a short period of time.


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