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AYP is a self-paced fundamentals course to ground you in the essential supportive structures of commitment, empowerment, well being, and connection.  While the concepts are foundational in nature, the course is effective at all levels of self-development.  In other words, you will utilize the material starting from wherever you are now, and go deeper than you have ever gone before.  If you were to imagine yourself as a tree, your work in this course would be the deepening of your roots, strengthening your ability to withstand the storms of life that threaten to knock you down and take you out.

AYP includes:

  • Eight instructional audio downloads with Maura Leon

  • Eight coaching session prep sheets

  • Eight 30-minute individual telephone sessions with your ILC coach


  • A downloadable copy of the book, The Seven Steps To Successful Relationships, by Keith and Maura Leon

Course Outline:

Module One - Committing to Yourself
Module Two - Personal Power
Module Three - Health and Balance
Module Four - Communication and Relationships


Tuition: $595


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