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Clarify Your Purpose

CYP is an advanced course to amplify your inner awareness and refine your spiritual attunement, such that your "why" becomes clearer, you "how" becomes easier, and your light shines brighter with each passing day.  Principles and practices will be explored to move you beyond your perceived limitations and cultivate your true essence.  If you were to imagine yourself as a flower, this course would be the sunlight, fresh air, and rainwater that nourishes your growth and turns your budding potential into a gorgeous blossom with sweet fragrance.

CYP includes:

  • Eight instructional audio downloads with Maura Leon

  • Eight coaching session prep sheets

  • Eight 30-minute individual telephone sessions with your ILC coach


  • A downloadable copy of the book, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life, by Keith Leon

Course Outline:

Module One - Life Purpose
Module Two - Financial Freedom
Module Three - Spiritual Development
Module Four - Authentic Expression


Tuition: $595


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