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Vibrational Visioning

"I've done lots of processes...sometimes I feel like I've done it all. Maura's Vibrational Visioning process caught me by surprise. It was really profound, and things happened for me that I didn't expect. I'm impressed, inspired and grateful. I am going to tell a lot of people about this."
Marci Shimoff
Best-Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker



In this powerful visioning session, you will be guided by Maura Leon to mentally picture, and verbally express, the inner experience and outer manifestation of your heart's desires. Your exact words -- which carry the vibrational frequency of your desired outcome -- will be recorded, and a customized Vibrational Affirmation will be created for you, making you a virtual magnet for the fulfillment of your desires.

The Vibrational Visioning session is one hour long and takes place over the telephone.  Register by clicking the link below, and you will be contacted within approximately 24-48 hours to schedule your session.

Tuition: $295

SPECIAL BONUS: Register today and receive a strand of custom-designed gemstone Affirmation Beads, created by Maura Leon and energetically charged to match the frequency of your Vibrational Affirmation ($95 value)

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“The power of a coach who is able to guide you to your ultimate vision and give you the tools to keep you focused is invaluable. Maura is an amazing coach and understands how important your vibration is to manifesting your desires. She was able to guide me through a powerful Vibrational Visioning session and create an affirmation that really grounded me and focused my attention on what was really important to me. Through her guidance, I was able to connect with my vision daily and quickly manifest my desires. Her unique approach with the custom affirmation really kept me focused and accelerated my results . If you need clarity or support in moving towards your vision, I highly recommend working with Maura.”


Maribel Jimenez

Marketing Consultant


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