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The mind/body connection has been proven over and over in scientific studies, yet many people still suffer needlessly from chronic conditions that severely limit their ability to have a fulfilling and joyful life.  There are a wide variety of both conventional and holistic treatments available which can improve - or even completely heal - these conditions, but how do you know what is best for you?  And how do you find the time and energy to do the research and follow the suggested programs, when you are already feeling exhausted and depleted...not to mention confused, angry, depressed, etc.?

If you are struggling with a life challenging illness, Empathic Healing could help you take your life back.  Here’s how it works…

As an Empathic Intuitive, Coach Maura knows that your body has all the answers you need for complete healing.  Her guidance will enable you to:

  • listen to your body

  • hear what it is telling you

  • find easy ways to take appropriate action

Many people experience noticeable results immediately.

Empathic Healing is done in conjunction with any healing systems you are already using, so you can continue to see your doctor or holistic practitioner, and follow their prescriptions as long as you need to.


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Healing Resources


Coach Maura's pick for the best healing book of all time.  Over the course of her life, so far, she has worn out at least three copies of this phenomenal book.

Louise Hay is a true master at self-love and self-care.

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