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Through no fault of your own, you may be one of the many good people who have grown into adult bodies, while still stuck in the emotions of childhood.  Here’s what happened…

When you were a child, you had feelings and needs.  Depending on your upbringing, you may have had parents who validated those feelings and met those needs, or maybe not.  Either way, once you grew into an adult, it was no longer their job to take care of you, so whether they were there for you or not, you then had a responsibility to take care of yourself.

The problem is that you may not have fully realized that responsibility, and you may have gotten stuck there.  You may have blamed your parenting – or lack of parenting – or you may have blamed yourself, but that blaming only kept you stuck.  As you began to develop relationships with other people in your life, you may have found yourself expecting them to validate your feelings and fulfill your needs.  You may have continued to seek approval and validation from your parents, other family members, authority figures, and maybe even your own children, while at the same time resenting the very people you were seeking approval from because you still didn’t feel like you were good enough.

If this scenario feels familiar to you, then the self-parenting process could be exactly what you need to finally feel validated and fulfilled in all of your relationships, and to finally be in control of your own life.

With self-parenting, you will have the opportunity to be both parent and child.  You will learn specific skills and techniques, and apply them in a structured, disciplined process.  And because self-parenting is done through coaching, you will have the support of a trained professional who has been through the process, and knows how to support and guide you through it safely and gently.  When you commit to this process and do all the exercises as they are assigned, the results can be quite miraculous.

Self-parenting can be done individually, or in a group.


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