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"I rate the quality as a 10!"

I am exceedingly pleased to be working with Maura. Our conversations are just that, conversations. She guides me, supports me and hears me in a manner which causes me to become stronger.

Thank you, Maura, for being here for me and all that I'm taking on.

With great expectations for the future,

Carol O.

"I appreciate having both Keith and Maura in my life."

Maura gets to the heart of things - especially in the area of relationships - she gets to the heart of it so quickly. The first time I worked with Maura, she opened up something for me within less than a minute, and that's such powerful work.

Steven S.

"My exploration process is becoming quite deep."

Maura's input helped me get more connected with how I want to express what I do.

Diana L.

"I’ve stopped beating myself up and I am feeling happy again."

I want to thank you for the session we had this week. You are such a good listener, and you defined what I was unable to.

Thank you so much for the insight!!! I am really happy about that!


Karin S.

"Speaking with you really inspired me to move forward with what I am doing."

I really appreciate all the information that you shared with me. Seeing what the two of you have done shows me that as long as I keep working, it really can happen. I just need to believe and do it.

Thanks again.

Diane N.

"You might want to add Miracle Workers to your repertoire because I've come along further in this last week then I have in five years!"

As I pat myself on the back for my accomplishments this week, do pat yourselves on the backs for pulling my door stopper loose and getting me through the door.

Angel D.

“THANK YOU MAURA for being the most amazing coach in the world!”

I would like to commend my amazing Coach, Maura Leon, on the totally-out-of-this-world job she's done with me over the past 16 months.

When I started with Maura last June 7th, I was a mess. My freelance advertising business was up and down – mostly down. I had no real savings to speak of. I lived paycheck to paycheck - and my only pay was what I made as a freelance advertising creative. I was living with a voice in my head that kept telling me "you're not good enough." I was lethargic. I had no idea what my future held. In fact, I didn't even know how to create anything new/better/different for my future. I thought I was going to be a freelance advertising creative, working when I could, looking for work constantly, being at the mercy of recruiters and ad agencies, for the rest of my life. I was more than worried about money - I was crazed. I felt like I was just going thru the motions of my life.

Over the past year plus, Maura worked her magic with me and really coached me thru all of these issues. She guided me when I needed guidance. Challenged me when I needed to be challenged. Kicked me in the butt when I needed to be kicked in the butt. Congratulated me when I needed to be congratulated. And was always open and honest with me every time we spoke or exchanged emails.

Today, I'm a different man. I don't worry about money anymore - I've built my savings up immensely. I don't live paycheck to paycheck anymore. I'm having fun as a freelance advertising creative again. I'm in constant action making my ideas happen.  

During the past year plus, I started an online business with 2 friends that has been profitable from the first week. Within 6 months, this business is on track to make all 3 of us financially free. In addition, I became a partner in a start-up fashion company that already has over $200K in orders for its first upcoming season. I learned how to trade stock options, and I'm making money doing it - even in this volatile economy.

Now, I not only see what my future can be, I'm creating the future I WANT. A future where I'm financially free. Where I can turn my ideas into reality. Where I can live and play wherever and whenever I want. Where I can make a difference in the world. Where I can live a full, happy, healthy and purposeful live.

This is what Maura has brought out of me in a mere 16 months! I can't wait to see what the next 20 months will bring!

Billy D.


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