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Need a way to perk up your next event and make it more successful than ever? Try music as motivation!

Keith Singing

What is it?

Musical Motivation is live, inspirational music for your staff trainings, seminars and sales events. Performed by acclaimed vocalist Keith Leon, this music will fire up your group and leave them with the unshakable truth that they are powerful beyond measure, and can truly accomplish anything their hearts desire!  

"Keith, I fell a sleep last night with your song in my head and woke up with it in the am … I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  I’m sure a lot of people who attended did this too.  Thank you for sharing your time and especially your talent!"


Debbie Allen, Co-founder

Maximizing Success, Inc. 

International Business Speaker and Best Selling Author


Why live music?

It's been proven time and time again throughout the ages:



With psychological principles crossing over into business, as the human potential movement continues to explode, now - more than ever - you need something that will make your trainings stand out from the rest. You need to keep people engaged. Heck, maybe you even just need to keep them awake!

Musical Motivation is your answer!

"I love this guy's must hear him sing!"

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul


What songs are used?

The most popular songs for these events are those that are uplifting in a totally universal way. Nothing that is specific to any particular philosophy or belief system. Just good, old-fashioned inspiration!

We have compiled a repertoire of the most powerful songs that really get people fired up. This is not some cheesy little song-and-dance number. Just think about the artists that sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl every year. How do you feel when you hear a song like that, sung by a talented soloist who is putting all of their heart and soul into it? Now that's what we're talking about!

In addition to our regular repertoire, we are also able to write original songs tailored to your individual company, product or event, giving you just the personal touch you need to crank up the volume and bring down the house!

And because of all the incredible advancements in technology, we are able to provide the experience of a full band, using only the simplest of setups. All background tracks are professionally pre-recorded, and our state-of-the-art equipment gives you first rate sound quality at an affordable price.

"Keith Leon's voice touched me deep inside my very soul.  His music is enlightening and inspiring, and I highly recommend Keith and his music for any event that aims to open the heart and minds of a crowd any size, any age, any demographic. You're going to love his music." 


Mary Gates, Speaker, Author, Wellness Coach

Open Gates LLC - Your Passage to Wellness!


Who is Keith Leon?

Keith Leon is a gifted and accomplished vocal soloist and musician who has performed alongside such musical talents as Ben Verene, Bird York, Carl Anderson and Stevie Wonder, and provided musical inspiration for corporate trainers and motivational speakers, including Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, John Gray, Terry Cole Whittaker, Michael Beckwith, Debbie Allen and Patricia Drain.  Keith has an angelic and soulful voice, and the dynamic energy to motivate any group, and bring them to their feet!


headphonesListen to Keith Sing....

Upbeat inspirational song


(Length- 4:16, 3.91MB)


Poignant reflective


(Length- 4:51, 4.44MB)



What is the cost?

Our services range from short and sweet, to the whole nine yards, and can be tailored to any type of organization, and to fit any budget.

Do you need just one or two songs performed? No problem!

Do you have a weekend long event, and want the music spread throughout? We've got you covered!

Would you like to have an original, customized song performed, with CD's all ready to sell at your event? We can do that too!

We pride ourselves on flexibility, and our relationship with you is of the utmost importance. Together, we will create magic and make you shine!

"I had never been to any training, seminar, or workshop where a singer kicked off the beginning of each day with a song.  I was a little
skeptical.  After I heard Keith's powerful voice singing a motivating
and inspirational song I became a believer in what he was doing.  I've seen others try to do things to get things rolling in the morning with varying degrees of success.  Keith had us standing, clapping, and moving to his music:  He had us totally engaged and ready to learn.  I was also impressed with the way he continued building relationships with others.  We looked forward to his singing each morning. If there is any way I can utilize his talents for an event, I will.  You can't go wrong with Keith in the room."

Frank Helton, Co-Founder, Success-Scapes, LLC


Still not convinced?

Why not give us a call, and allow us to answer your questions personally.


We look forward to speaking with you!




Photograph by Barry Selby,


Song lyrics, music and background tracks

by Daniel Nahmod, © Nahmod Music Company (ASCAP)





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