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What is a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach is a professional mentor who helps you discover what you want - and get what you want - in your relationships. Your coach will assist you in creating a plan, and walk you through the steps of implementing it. He or she will hold you accountable by making sure that you follow through and complete your plan.

Having the support of a professional mentor can make a big difference in your degree of success in creating what you want. Imagine having someone there to get you past your procrastination, doubts, fears and insecurities. Someone who has been through the process already, and knows how to move through the stumbling blocks that come up along the way.

"Before receiving coaching from Keith and Maura, my relationship with my mother was strained at best. Keith and Maura helped me see what was keeping me from having the loving relationship with her that I wanted and what I could do about it. After just one coaching session, my relationship with Mom has been transformed. Now the love flows freely between us and we get along great. I don’t long for a good relationship with Mom anymore because now I have it!"

 B. Burchall


Coaching sessions take place via email, telephone, or in person.


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