Is Being Alone your biggest Fear?   


Do you see others in great relationships and think, “Why don’t I have that?” 


Do you wish you had the Secrets to Relationship Success!


You may be wondering, “Is it really possible to improve communication, and start creating a closer and more loving relationship by listening to one audio CD?”  We assure you that it is.

In fact, most people are shocked at how easy it is to improve communication and create more loving relationships.  Once you start practicing the tips and principles that you will learn from this interview, you will be one of these people! 

Can anyone improve communication and create a better relationship?

Absolutely.  And you can start doing that right now... 

Keith and Maura spent many years in relationships that weren’t working because they didn’t know that there was something much better right around the corner.   They did not know how to attract the right type of person to them.  They did not know the secrets to success in relationships.  They didn’t know the difference between a wrong or a right question.  Now, they do know these secrets…and they’re ready to share them with you.

Listen in on this candid interview with David Portney for his “Backyard Guru Series,” relationship experts Keith and Maura Leon reveal their secrets for creating passionate and satisfying relationships that work!

“The 5 SECRETS TO RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS that everyone should know…”

In this extraordinary interview you will learn:

  1. How to attract the kind of relationships YOU Want

  2. The best way to create a Relationship Plan that works!

  3. The worlds simplest tool to Communicate Effectively

  4. How to expertly deal with conflict 

  5. How to conquer past belief systems and relationship hang-up’s that have been holding you back UNCONSCIOUSLY from relationship success!

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