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The Entropy Factor

I remember learning in high school about a scientific law called entropy.   The definition I remember was:   things left alone tend toward greater disorder.   Immediately, this became my favorite law.   I think because I did such a great job of proving it in my life.   For years, this was my pattern.   My house was a mess, my car was a mess, and - most of all - my relationships were a complete mess!   In all areas of my life, the law of entropy was masterfully demonstrated.   I was really good at it!...




The Secret to Fighting Fair

I was talking with a good friend recently about the importance of expressing oneself. Our friend was staying at our house with us, and at one point, he witnessed Keith and I getting into an argument. “Oh!” said our friend, “So you do have fights!” We expressed to him that we did not consider it to be a fight. We were simply having a very passionate discussion, in which we did not necessarily agree with each other. Of course, our friend was amused by this description. ...




From Conflict to Connection: Turning Breakdowns Into Bridges

Ever since my husband, Keith, and I made the decision to come out of the relationship expert closet, it seems like we just keep getting handed one opportunity after another to demonstrate what we know and practice what we preach.   Relationships are easy as long as you keep each one safely contained in its own little comfort box.   You know, the one that steers your conversation with your mother away from certain topics so that you can both make nice and get along.   Or the one that lets strangers know just enough about you that you don’t really have to let them know you at all.....




7 Healthy Romantic Relationship Tips

It seems like so many people wait for one day in the calendar year to get around to telling their mate how much they love them.  Are a dozen roses once a year supposed to make up for 364 days of the same old same old?  What can we do to keep our relationship fresh?..




How to Get the Perfect Mate

My ex-wife is a great lady. I learned a lot with her about how not to do relationship. I also learned a lot of good stuff too. After my split with her, I decided to go within (meditation) and look at myself, and how I had played a part in our breakup....




Random Acts Of Love

These days, it seems that there are people doing random acts of kindness (RAK’s) everywhere I look. I am so glad that this has caught on! The cynical people say that there are no good people out there, and that everyone is only in it for themselves. I find that this could not be further from the truth. When I have a flat tire, someone is there to offer assistance to me. When I truly need assistance from my fellow man/woman someone is always there to assist me....




The Importance of Setting Realistic Relationship Goals

Several years ago, when Keith and I first started writing our book, The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships, we sat down and outlined a series of goals - an ideal scene of how we wanted our life to look in terms of home, family, work, and money. Because we believe in the power of affirmations, we stated each goal in the present tense, as if it was already true. We held back nothing, making each statement as fabulous as we could possibly imagine for ourselves, because we knew that we truly deserved the best. And then, we did something that we would later discover to be the fatal mistake. In the middle of our vision sheet, we wrote the words, “by May 2005 or sooner.” ....




Will You Be My Valentine?

Ever since I was in college, I thought Valentine's Day was nothing but a cruel torture for single people.  A day when our sorry lack of couplehood was rubbed in our faces.  If I didn't have a date on Valentine's Day, I felt like a big loser.  And I knew I was a really good catch, so that made it all the more torturous.  What was wrong with me, that I couldn't even secure a simple Valentine's Day date?...




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