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As someone who has interviewed over one hundred of the most influential people in the world, created two best-selling books and spoke in front of large audiences all over the world, Keith Leon is one of the foremost authorities on creating strong and powerful relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Very few speakers, let alone singers, have the ability of making an instant connection with their audience as Keith does. As in the days of old, when the minstrel or the bard sang tales of excitement and thrills to chronicle the lives of others, Keith chronicles his own; and educates his audience with a contagious understanding of building, living and maintaining amazing relationships in the home and in business.

“I’ve known Keith for some time now, and it’s clear to me that his purpose is to deeply and positively touch the lives of anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. Keith also lives his purpose through his dynamic speaking, training, coaching and writing and, probably most importantly, by being a living demonstration of the keys to relationship success that he teaches with his wife Maura.”

Jack Canfield, 
Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® and author of The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to BeTM

As a professional speaker, life and relationship mentor, and a developer and facilitator of transformational seminars, Keith is a recognized expert at building relationships that work. He has spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Dr. John Demartini, Lee Brower, Christine Comaford-Lynch, Joel Bauer, Armand Morin, Paul Martinelli, Barbara De Angelis, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Alex Mandossian, T. Harv Eker and Marianne Williamson. 

Keith Singing

Keith is also a gifted and accomplished vocal soloist and musician who has performed alongside such musical talents as Ben Verene, Nancy Wilson, Bird York, Carl Anderson and Stevie Wonder, and provided musical inspiration for corporate trainers and motivational speakers, including Mark Victor Hansen, Terry Cole Whittaker, Debbie Allen, Patricia Drain and Jennifer McLean.

"I love this guy's must hear him sing!"

Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Keith's list of clients include: Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros., Peak Potentials Training, New Regency Productions, 20th Century Fox, Bijan Fragrances, County of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times, Microsoft, Mobil Oil, XEROX, NBC, CNBC, KNBC, MSNBC, CBS Press and Publicity, PBS, Fox Broadcasting, Fox Health Network, British Broadcasting Corporation, Greystone Communications, Image Associates, MEDIALINK, On the Scene Productions, Orbis Broadcast Group, West Glen Communications, John Rosas Productions, Visual Frontier, CF Entertainment, Weller-Grossman Productions, The Ronn Lucas Show, AMGEN, Bender Helper IMPACT, Fleishman-Hilliard Company, Golin/Harris Communications, Hill & Knowlton, Ketchum Public Relations, Sitrick & Company, Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, The Century Council and The Agape International Spiritual Center.


"Keith, I fell a sleep last night with your song in my head and woke up with it in the am … I just couldn’t get it out of my head.  I’m sure a lot of people who attended did this too.  Thank you for sharing your time and especially your talent!"


Debbie Allen, Co-founder

Maximizing Success, Inc. 

International Business Speaker and Best Selling Author

Keith has incredible talent and through the power of word his messages are easily absorbed by his audiences. His training covers many topics, all based around quality relationships. For instance:

· Discovering Your Life Purpose, Today!
· Releasing Stress (Living a stress free life)
· Creating or Attracting the Reality You Want
· Creating and Making Powerful Connections
· Using Past Adversity To Propel You Forward
· Stop Telling The Story, and Live Your Life
· The Power Of Forgiveness
· Relationship Success Secrets Revealed  

If you are looking at taking your life, whether business or personal, to the next level, working with the likes of Keith Leon is a must to add to your function, event or workshop.

“I just saw Keith Leon speak and I can tell you that Keith was very real, authentic, present and available to the audience. There was a give and take even though he was up there and we were down here, he was very much in relationship with us. I very much enjoyed him and can’t wait to actually be with him again.”

Larry Gilman
President/CEO Homeward Productions
Facilitator/Actor and Speaker Coach

Knowing the right things to say and do when an opportunity presents itself is a critical step in getting you up the ladder of success. Keith has an innate ability of knowing just that. He shows audiences how to create strategic relationships that will move them swiftly toward their goals and dreams.

Whether you require a one-hour presentation or a multiple day keynote event presentation Keith will add more to your business and more to your life then you ever thought possible. He’s damn entertaining too!!

To have Keith at your next event please contact: 

Mari-Lou Gatto
Gatto Public Relations International
Corporate Head Office
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Globally Servicing You!

“Keith’s dynamic personality lights up every room he walks into. He’s straight forward and entertaining, and Keith knows first hand what it takes to have a purpose filled life.”

Joel BauerBest-selling author and president of Bauer & Associates Inc




Photograph by Barry Selby,





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